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Alternative Winter Break applications – Cross Cultural Center

Alternative Winter Break applications – Cross Cultural Center

“Dear The Economics Society:

This is David Liu and I am the site coordinator for Alternative Winter
Break for the Bay Area Site. I was wondering if you could forward this to
your members.

Alternative Winter Break applications will be out this week on the
Cross-Cultural Center website at

Alternative Breaks are week long service projects for college students
that occur during school breaks. This year’s Alternative Winter Break will
be hosted in two different sites with two different themes and

The first site is based in the Berkeley and San Francisco Bay Area.
Concentrating on the homeless experience through the eyes of youth, this
site will be working with different shelters and advocacy groups to
understand the difficulties of homelessness. Different aspects including
the homeless experience, equal housing opportunities, education, health
and the current job market will be discussed.

The second site is based in the Santa Barbara Area. Concentrating on the
Native American experience, this group will be understanding the
importance of preservation of the Native American culture of the local
tribes and understanding the difficulties of living on the reservation.
There will also be components on Native American medicine and education
and policy advocacy for equal opportunities.

The program includes transportation to and from Irvine to the site and
transportation during the trip. Food, lodging and all amenities will be
covered by the Cross-Cultural Center. The program is only from December 10
to December 17 so it will only be the first week of winter break.

More information can be found on the application and the Cross-Cultural
Center website.

Any further questions should be directed to the program director Darlene
Esparza at

Thank you.

David Liu
University of California, Irvine
College of Health Sciences | Public Health Policy
School of Social Sciences | Anthropology
DDLIU@UCI.EDU (626) 384-6303

Individualization – Ideation – Deliberative – Restorative – Empathy”


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