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Message from Occupy Orange County

Message from Occupy Orange County

“My name is Cedric, I’m a grad student here at UCI and I’m writing on behalf of Occupy OC. As you may know, we have been occupying the park in front of city hall for the last three weeks, organizing protest marches and educating the public through speakers and documentaries. We have also organized events at UCI, such as teach ins, rallies and bringing in speakers. Our main grievance is the growing disparity between rich and poor in the United States, which we believe is in parts caused by failed economics decisions. One of our main efforts has been education and as a minimum goal, we hope create a more aware public. We welcome outside groups to participate and our venue may be an opportunity for economics students and the Economics Society to discuss ideas and bring forward suggestions how to improve the economic outlook of people in OC, the state and the nation.

We don’t regard our movement as belonging to us. It is up to anybody who participates to shape its path. There are many ways collaboration could be possible including cooperation with events, common rallies and exchange of ideas. We are a pretty flexible bunch so we can really work with any form of collaboration.

Moreover, we are always in need of volunteers and brainpower so if anybody from the the Economics Society is interested in investing just a small amount of their personal time, or at least seeing what Occupy OC is about, we would encourage you come to the city hall lawn to have a look, and we would really appreciate it if you could pass this information on to your members. You can also check us out under or come at 7 pm to city hall park to attend our general assembly.


Cedric Owens
7429 Palo Verde Rd.
Irvine CA, 92617

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