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Back to school

Welcome back to the Economics Society at UCI!

How’s everybody’s summer? I hope you all enjoyed great vacations and exciting activities in the last three months. A new semester is coming. For those students who major in economics, I hope your coming econ classes will further build up your necessary knowledge and skills for future employment. For those who  aren’t econ majors or have not decided your long-term career yet but like to know what economics is about, it’s still not too late to take one or two intro econ classes to expose yourself to the “dismal science.” In case you find college classes too tedious and time consuming, popular econ books are a viable alternative (The Price of Everything, The Undercover Economist, Naked Economics, and The Armchair Economist are among the best that I can think of right now). These books are fun to read, much more enjoyable than text-books, but not less intellectually stimulating. Or you can join our club and learn a little economics everyday :). It’s never a waste of time to learn some economics, even though you’re not an econ major. Economics, after all, is not an exclusive field of study for bankers or financial professionals. It is, in the words of Alfred Marshall, “the study of mankind in the ordinary business of life.”.

So, welcome back to school everybody. I look forward to seeing all of you in our club’s meetings and hope we’ll have the best time ever this semester. Let the Marginal Revolution begin!


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