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Welcome Back!

Welcome Back all you returning Anteaters and Welcome all you incoming freshman and transfer students!

Summer is, well, over and I’m hoping that your summer was a blast (Mine was!). A new academic year is just around the corner. I’m excited though; it’s also a new year at the Econ Society. And rumor has it that the 2013-14 Econ Society Board has a great schedule awaiting us, full of exciting guest speakers, social events and games, and of course Econ Discussions.

Come join the Economics Society Board Members at our wonderful Econ Society Booth at the Involvement Fair (Monday, September 23, 2013 – Welcome Week Day 1).

For all you incoming students and new faces to campus: the Involvement Fair is a great way, well, to get involved on campus, meet new friends, and have fun. Join a club, a couple clubs, maybe more… You’ve got nothing to lose. I’d personally recommend us (The Econ Society). It doesn’t matter if your “green” in economics, aren’t an econ major, or if you’re the economics whiz that chews through economics books during the summer and mows through econ classes during the year, the Economics Society is for everybody and trust me you’ll always learn something and have fun with economics (Yes, I said it. Have fun with economics). The Econ Society is a young club, an ambitious one, a growing one, and above all a “family” – so gives us a try!

For all you returning students who may be also interested in joining Econ Society: it’s never too late. So what are you waiting for? Come and join us!

For all you familiar faces (that is, current and past club members): come and stop by our booth and say hi. (We’d like to know how your summer was. What class are you taking? Etc.)

And lastly, we do have some important information to get out (to prospective, new, and returning members alike) about the club… so come by our Econ Society Booth at Involvement Fair!

Hope to see you all there!

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