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The Department of Economics

The Department of Economics has 25 permanent faculty members, with research and teaching interests that span a broad range of fields. In addition to strengths in micro theory, macroeconomics and econometrics (Bayesian and classical), the department has expertise in many applied fields, including economic history, industrial organization, international economics, labor economics, public choice and public finance, transportation economics, and urban economics. The department offers programs leading to both a B.A. and Ph.D. degree, and this website provides more information about those programs, the faculty, and the department’s research activities.

The department’s main administrative offices are located on the third floor of Building B in the Social Science Plaza (rooms SSPB 3223 and 3229).

Social Science Academic Resource Center (SSARC)


The Social Sciences Academic Resource Center (SSARC) was created over a decade ago to assist students in the School of Social Sciences in obtaining the appropriate information to select a career and/or graduate school program, generate professional contacts, and learn how to gain a competitive edge during their undergraduate years.

The Social Sciences Academic Resource Center provides valuable resources for undergraduates in the School of Social Sciences and is conveniently located across from the Social Sciences Office of Student Affairs in the new Social and Behavioral Sciences Gateway building. Friendly and knowledgeable SSARC staff can guide you to the information you need in a relaxed, pleasant environment.

My China Opportunity

images (1)My China Opportunity specializes in connecting top performing students from American & European universities with international internships in Beijing, China. Through their personalized interview process, they get to know each applicant on a one-to-one level to fully understand the applicants’ career goals and ambitions. While in Beijing, they arrange an array of cultural & social activities, networking events, mentoring opportunities, and Chinese Mandarin classes to help each intern transition smoothly and understand Chinese culture.

*Club members who plan to join My China Opportunity’s program will be given a 5% discount on  fees.


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