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Officials’ Job Descriptions


President –

  1. The president should provide leadership to the club, members and officials.
  2. The officials must feel comfortable working under the president’s leadership.
  3. Make sure our club is running according to our mission. Decides the direction of our club.
  4. Plan and call on general or emergency meetings.
  5. Presentable with economics knowledge.
  6. Make an executive order in an emergency.
  7. Make the club your life. Held every responsibility of the club as your own. Be involved in every activity, event, board assignments and projects.

Secretary –

  1. Must have the ability to attend every meeting and activity; have good listening, note-taking, organization skills; detail-oriented.
  2. Must have the ability to create effective emails. Make sure that emails are error-free before sending. Emails must contain weekly event information and important updates about the club.
  3. Check and answer the club email daily. 
  4. Send out weekly emails.

Finance Director –

  1. Must have the basic knowledge about bookkeeping and accounting.
  2. Collect membership fee and forward the registration form to HR Director. Remind the unpaid members.
  3. Create sign-in sheet with printed list of paid members for every event and meeting. Keep track of the unpaid members who already attend one free event of the quarter.
  4. Be visionary and creative to come up with fundraising plans (either from members, professors, or outside sponsors).
  5. Decide the most efficient way to spend out budget. Every spending must be agreed upon by the board and be reported.
  6. Reimburse other officials or members for their approved spending. Receipt must be presented and stored by the treasurer for the whole academic year.
  7. Maintain a receipt book
  8. Create a budget report for every event, every quarter, and every year. Any official may request those reports at any time.
  9. Open and manage a bank account for the club if necessary.

Internal Affairs Director & Director Assistant –

  1. For vacant office, advertise opening position and screen applicant. Assist the President to choose the best candidate
  2. For internship, advertise opening position and screen applicant. Assist each office to choose the best candidate.
  3. Allocate members into suitable jobs.
  4. Maintain a schedule of availability of all officials as well as their contact information.
  5. Motivate, supervise, and evaluate the work of officials. Make oral or written quarterly report on officials’ performance to the President.
  6. Motivate, supervise, and evaluate the work of all members. Keep track of members’ attendance and service by collecting the sign-in sheet at the end of every event and meeting. Be responsible for the annual member evaluation and award.
  7. Update the contact list on Gmail and Facebook.
  8. Promote the bond among officials and members.

External Relations Director & Director Assistant –

  1. Must be energetic and people-oriented, and know how to conduct oneself in a professional dispostion.
  2. Establish and strengthen the relationship between the club and other non-UCI parties such as alumni, professors, graduate students, and company representatives.
  3. Promote the club to various companies relevant to the club-members’ interest in economics.
  4. Serve as the contact person for guest speakers for all events.
  5. Must be prompt in emailing and contacting guests speakers.

Marketing Director & Director Assistant–

  1. Must be energetic, creative, and people-oriented.
  2. Be responsible for the marketing of all events either in person or online
  3. Prepare advertising materials such as banners and flyers
  4. Evaluate and report the effectiveness of marketing strategy to the board
  5. Establish and strengthen the relationship between the club and other UCI parties such as current and perspective members, and other clubs.
  6. Advise the club and its officials about their public representation

Programs and Events Planning Director & Director Assistant –

  1. Reserve space and equipment for all events and meetings
  2. Propose to the board schedule of events for every quarter
  3. Publish all information of the events on the Anteater Weekly and Club website
  4. Evaluate and report the success of all events to the board

Content Creator & Assistant Content Creator–

  1. Write the blog on the club’s website and manage the club’s facebook page
  2. Create economic topics for the club to discuss and lead the discussions
  3. Coordinate with invited organizations/speakers on economic topics
  4. Provide economic resources to interested members



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