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Open Positions


At this time the Economics Society at UCI has no vacant board positions.

We do, however, appreciate your interest. Please keep checking back with us as openings will be announced periodically.




  1. Diana Carlos says:

    How do we go about applying for one of these positions?

    • Thanks for your interest, Diana. It all starts with sending us your Resume and Statement of Purpose.
      If the position you are applying to is currently vacant, the President and HR Director will evaluate your application and then interview you. You will start your office immediately if you are qualified.
      If you are applying for a position starting next academic year, your application will be evaluated by the Official holding that particular office and he/she will then interview you. He/she will decide whether he/she will bring you to intern with the board so that you have a chance to prove your ability with the board and all members. Finally, you will be voted by all club members (including the board) in our Year-end meeting, which will be held at the end of Spring.
      Feel free to ask if you have any more question.

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